Beat Social Anxiety and Feel Confident Around People in 30 Days

Do you often:
  • Feel dread or fear when you are around people?
  • Anxiously scan the environment to see whether other people approve of you?
  • Worry about what to say and how you appear in social settings?
  • Make excuses and miss out on enjoyable events and gatherings with friends and family because it stresses you out? 
  •  Feel sweaty, nauseous, dizzy, about to faint; or feel your heart thumping and your body start trembling when in a social setting?
Imagine being able to:
  • Accept party invitations without hesitation -- and enjoy being there.
  • Freely express your opinions and feelings, without being constantly preoccupied with getting approval from others.
  • Discover how far you can go with your career and relationships, once you’re not chained by thoughts of, ‘What will other people think and say.’
  • Feel relaxed and confident when you attend interviews and meetings, make calls, and meet new people.
  • Fully enjoy every moment with family, friends and colleagues, without fear of social anxiety invading your pleasure.


1 in 4 adults in the US struggle with social anxiety at some point in their lives. This may sound cliche, but you’re truly not alone -- and your social anxiety is not your fault.

What do you get when you combine 16 years of psychotherapy experience and 500+ success stories?


One unique, powerful, confidence-boosting course

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Understand what causes the desperate need for social approval and recognition, so you can tackle the challenge at its root.

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Learn how to quickly overcome feelings of anxiety, so you can calmly attend and enjoy social gatherings, smile, speak up, and feel genuinely confident.

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Discover who you really are, and start achieving your full potential once you’re living without ongoing dread and fear.

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Activate the 3 most powerful tools to bust your anxiety within seconds as it comes up, leaving you feeling completely free and incredibly confident.

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Dr Daniel Souery, Psychiatrist

This course is the first of its kind and fills an important need. It packs 15 years of psychotherapy experience and expertise into short, manageable modules, helping participants feel understood and hopeful, and empowering them with practical, highly-effective strategies for overcoming their social anxiety. The assignments, assessments, and being able to access Aaron with questions, gives users a far higher chance of enjoying lasting change than they would with any self-help book.

Social anxiety is a common challenge, and I'm grateful to Aaron for investing his time and commitment into creating a well-priced, high-quality, easy-to-use tool to help sufferers liberate themselves. 

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I’m Aaron Lerch, a psychotherapist with a Bsc. (Hons.) in Psychology and a Msc. in Mental Health Science. It’s striking that the majority of my clientele suffer from one root challenge: low self-esteem. This affects their self-image, confidence, well-being, and social life.


That’s why I chose social anxiety (SA) as the subject for my first online course. I developed Beat Social Anxiety, a 30-day online course, to accompany you as you find and enjoy improved confidence. Seeing sufferers of social anxiety liberate themselves through this program is a pleasure and a privilege.

Beat Social Anxiety: What’s Inside

  • 4 anxiety-busting modules (one per week), so you can process the information and implement what you’ve learnt at a steady, manageable pace. 


  • 2 bonus modules, covering the 7 most effective tools (including the remarkable ‘Magic Bullet!’), and the most updated information on medication options.


  • The modules are made up of short videos, assessments, downloadable PDFs, and assignments, to give you both instant and lasting change. The techniques combine the most recent findings from a range of proven therapeutic approaches, including CBT, DBT, mindfulness, imagery, and ACT.


  • I’m right there with you! Ask me any questions along the way using the comments feature; I’ll personally reply to each one to give you personalised support and guidance.
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Module 1:

What is a Social Anxiety and why do you have it?

We’ll start with 4 short assessments to determine what your specific struggles are. This will give you a blueprint of your own personality and your anxiety triggers, so that each intervention in the course will be tailored towards your specific anxieties.

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Module 2:

Get it Right

You will learn how anxieties develop and how they stay in your mind, keeping you jammed in unhelpful thoughts and causing you to dread social encounters. Diving right into interventions, you will learn how to manage these strong emotions and how to overcome your dread of social settings.

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Module 3:

Challenge yourself to grow

In this module you will learn powerful tools to deal with your fear and challenge your social anxiety. You will be equipped with the most powerful tools enabling you to show social anxiety who is stronger!

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Module 4:

Time to make it real

At this point you will be ready to enjoy your new confidence and start doing the things you have previously feared so much. You will notice a profound shift in how you feel, which will encourage you to keep going and make good use of your new anxiety-banishing skills.

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BONUS Module 1:

Seven no-fail techniques for beating social anxiety

You will be armed with a range of tools (such as the famed MAGIC BULLET) to diminish anxiety within 30 seconds! Never be caught by surprise and struck with anxiety again.  

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BONUS Module 2: 

Medications - Everything you need to know

By now you’ve made major progress in combating SA. This bonus module will update you on the medicinal interventions that exist to support you through the SA challenge.

Get an instant peek into a lesson 


And here is one from module 3


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Get it once; Use it Forever

You can download everything -- the videos, the PDF's, the assignments, and the bonuses (and anything else I dream up to create for you during the course!) so you can work through the program at your own pace and benefit from the tools anytime you need to.  


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Online Support

Ask questions anonymously directly within the online platform! Get personalised pointers, your questions answered, and encouragement from myself and other participants every step of the way.

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Grow and Transform

The program will require some effort (as anything worthwhile does!) but you will have all the knowledge and support you need in order to leave behind the fear you have been living with, and discover a life of confidence and happiness.

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Jochie Perlstein BSc. Dip. C.

Aaron has the unique ability of being empathetic even though he doesn’t see you. His manner of speaking is gentle and non-judgemental. He suggests what you may be experiencing, rather than telling you what you should be feeling and going through, thereby giving you space to see what resonates with you. The course content is well-explained, describes social anxiety (SA) very well, and uses great examples. Aaron includes a range of cognitive and experiential solutions to help you deal with your social anxiety, so you can go with the strategies that work for you and the ones you connect with. The questions and feedback features give you the 1:1 experience despite this being an online course. I am confident that if you apply yourself to the exercises, you will really have a way forward!

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Professor David Pelcovitz, Ph.D.

Straus Chair in Psychology and Education

Aaron’s approach to treating social anxiety is a beautiful combination of practical exercises, clearly explained materials and a style that finds the perfect balance between reassurance, empathy, and gently supporting those suffering from social anxiety in building  a robust set of cognitive and behavioral skills in overcoming their fears. I highly recommend this course as a powerful vehicle for healing.

Full Course


Beat social anxiety: What you’ll get

  • Four instructional modules with short video lessons. You'll receive one module per week so you can process the information and implement what you've learnt at a steady, manageable pace.
  • PDF downloads and audio files to supplement your learning and ensure lasting change.
  • 2 bonus modules with the most powerful techniques and latest medical information.
  • "Integrate and Celebrate" homework to keep you on-track.
  • Direct access to me within the program software.
  • Access to the course for 90 days. All materials are downloadable so you can refer to them long after the 90 days are up.
  • Access to others taking the course, so you can anonymously support each other if you wish and benefit from their questions.
  • Banished Social Anxiety!
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Money Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied with the course, just send an email within 7 days, and get your money back, no questions asked.

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Dr Shmuel Harris, MD. Psychiatrist

Aaron's course on Beating Social Anxiety is fantastic. He presents beautifully with great examples, it is well explained and consists of excellent exercises. I'm sure that it will be helpful for many people struggling with Social Anxiety. I highly endorse it.

Dr Harris, Jerusalem, Machon Dvir

Can this course change your life? Get the answer from former social anxiety sufferers:

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Alex S.

Since I'm young, I was plagued with ongoing fear of what people think of me. I couldn't be myself when I was in a crowd and would shy away in silence. Since taking Aaron's course, I literally transformed. I am free of this social fear and my overall quality of life has improved dramatically. It has been an absolute lifesaver.

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Natalie K.

This course came as a gift for life. I always knew that I'd love to give public speeches but never had the courage to do so. The fear that would accompany me was so intense that I never took up opportunities that could put me in the limelight. This is all behind me now since taking this course. I love appearing and speaking in public now!


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Stuart L.

The lesson on the 'Magic Bullet' changed me forever. What a powerful tool. I wish I had learned about this years ago. Thank you so much Aaron. 


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