Dr Shmuel Harris, MD. Psychiatrist

Aaron's course on Beating Social Anxiety is fantastic. He presents beautifully with great examples, it is well explained and consists of excellent exercises. I'm sure that it will be helpful for many people struggling with Social Anxiety. I highly endorse it.

Dr Harris, Jerusalem, Machon Dvir  

Professor David Pelcovitz, Ph.D.

Straus Chair in Psychology and Education

Aaron’s approach to treating social anxiety is a beautiful combination of practical exercises, clearly explained materials and a style that finds the perfect balance between reassurance, empathy, and gently supporting those suffering from social anxiety in building  a robust set of cognitive and behavioral skills in overcoming their fears. I highly recommend this course as a powerful vehicle for healing.

Dr Daniel Souery, Psychiatrist

This course is the first of its kind and fills an important need. It packs 15 years of psychotherapy experience and expertise into short, manageable modules, helping participants feel understood and hopeful, and empowering them with practical, highly-effective strategies for overcoming their social anxiety. The assignments, assessments, and being able to access Aaron with questions, gives users a far higher chance of enjoying lasting change than they would with any self-help book.

Social anxiety is a common challenge, and I'm grateful to Aaron for investing his time and commitment into creating a well-priced, high-quality, easy-to-use tool to help sufferers liberate themselves. 


T.H.  San Fransisco, USA

I reached out to Aaron in my early 20s, when I was struggling with so much fear and anxiety that it manifested in physical pain. 

His approach combined empathy, humour, honesty, and compassion to help me heal and change many of my destructive thought and behavioural patterns. 

I really don't know where I would be today without the skills and tools I learned from Aaron.

([email protected])

R.T. France

For a few years, I have searched for the right therapy for me. I knew that I did not want the kind of therapy that aims at changing behavior or ways of thinking. Instead, I was looking for something that could repaint the background of my life, which in my mind was painted grey by my childhood. My thinking and behavior were both sound, yet I suffered from major depression, which made me believe that I needed something that goes deeper. So when I finally came across DNMS on the internet, I knew this was what I had been looking for. I was very lucky to be taken patient by Mr. Aaron Lerch https://www.dnmsinstitute.com, who lives in Belgium but is open to Skype therapy. For over a year, we worked effectively on reconstructing the elements that were lacking in my childhood using the DNMS method. After completing one full cycle of the DNMS protocol, I feel graduated from my childhood pains, which used to loom on me every single day. Dr. Lerch is a gifted therapist who masters the DNMS techniques. He never prescribed me any "medicine" to kill the pain (I didn't even have to relive the pains too much by over-telling them like in therapies I tried before), but rather invoked my inner strength to make the pain automatically succumb to the strength.
As a person of science, I have to admit that DNMS worked like magic for me. I wish that everyone with childhood issues like me could find the right therapy for them, and DNMS with Mr. Lerch might just be the good place to look into.

R.T. France

Jochie Perlstein BSc. Dip. C.

Aaron has the unique ability of being empathetic even though he doesn’t see you. His manner of speaking is gentle and non-judgemental. He suggests what you may be experiencing, rather than telling you what you should be feeling and going through, thereby giving you space to see what resonates with you. The course content is well-explained, describes social anxiety (SA) very well, and uses great examples. Aaron includes a range of cognitive and experiential solutions to help you deal with your social anxiety, so you can go with the strategies that work for you and the ones you connect with. The questions and feedback features give you the 1:1 experience despite this being an online course. I am confident that if you apply yourself to the exercises, you will really have a way forward!

Aaron Lerch is that kind of therapist who is able to change a person's personality completely. He is the therapist you click with, regardless of who you are. In his online courses you will feel like the unique client he created the sessions for. It's a never seen chance to have treated your anxiety in the most easy and efficient way. If it's Aaron Lerch, you will never regret. 

-- Anonymous (former client)